Shutter Boxes

Shutter Boxes: Are often seen as an ornamental feature of a room and not respected for their functional use.
Many are nailed shut and their historic use forgotten. When shutter doors are functioning and closing properly they provide two basic functions, maintaining heat in a room when closed over in the evening, wood will always give a better U value than glass. Shutter boxes also provide security.

At MacLyn joinery doors or leaks and be repaired or replicated to original patterns or design. We manufacture and install shutter boxes to any pattern or design.

Maclyn covers all aspects of joinery work restoration from doors, shop fronts, church windows, sliding sash windows, shutter boxes etc. Patrick Lynch began making sash windows in 1972 and has focused on timber conservation for the last 12 years. He is skilled in both the repair/refurbishment of historic timber sash windows and the replication of historically accurate timber sash windows. Patrick Lynch has worked on various domestic and commercial projects around Dublin and surrounding counties to include: The Land Registry; Tyrone House; Powerscourt Townhouse Centre. He has also rebuilt a traditional shopfront on Aungier Street, where he has maintained authentic details.