Restored Windows

At Maclyn Conservation Joinery we understand the history and importance of Sash windows, we specialise in Sash windows repair, Sash windows restoration, new Sash windows built with traditional detail, refurbishing of Sash windows and general draught proofing.

With over 35 years of experience working with Sash windows we have the knowledge required to retain the beauty and historical character of your period windows in your period house.

Replace or Restore?

Before you decide to replace your period windows with aluminium or uPVC substitutes that are supposedly "maintenance free"‚ think again!!

Your period window is an heirloom bequethed to you from history. Historic windows possess aesthetic and material attributes that simply cannot be replaced by modern synthetic windows. Your period window is made of a material that has withstood a century or two of constant wear and exposure to the elements. It can be adjusted, repaired, restored, and even have parts replaced.

Modern synthetic windows are expensive, yet commonly need replacing after 30 years or so, in some cases much sooner. Hinges, catches and gaskets will wear out long before that, and major refurbishment is impossible. The appearance of your house is everything, and period windows were designed to fit in aesthetically with their building, whereas modern replacement sash windows simply fail to achieve the affect of the original. Next time you see a uPVC sliding sash window in a period building, study it in place. Now look for an original refurbished sash window, and ask yourself which one looks like it belongs. In light of the longevity and durability of period windows that have served several generations, uPVC and Aluminium are simply not tested products!

For expert advise from craftsmen with a wealth of experience in conservation and restoration contact Conservation Joinery, before you make a decision you could spend a life-time regretting.

Our Window Services

  • Sash Windows Repair
  • Sash Windows Restoration
  • Re-balance sashes
  • New Sash Windows to traditional detail
  • Refurbishing Sash Windows
  • General Draught proofing

MacLyn Conservation Joinery Ltd are specialising in Sash Window repairs and refurbishment, Period Casement Windows and Period Composite Doors.We cover all of Ireland. Our aim is to provide windows and doors with the appropriate appearance for the period of your property, in line with local Conservation rules.