Chruch Windows

Church windows are often classic examples of aesthetic art meeting function. The church windows can feature different styles, techniques and subject matter causing every church window to be unique. Therefore, their maintenance and preservation should be entrusted only to skilled craftsmen who are experienced in restoring and maintaining church windows.

Our maintenance or repair is based on our thorough knowledge and experience in dealing with church windows. We understand the components of church windows, down the most minute detail. Each is essential to the window’s durability and damage to one part can cause the failure of the entire window.

Maclyn covers all aspects of joinery work restoration from doors, shop fronts, church windows, sliding sash windows, shutter boxes etc. Patrick Lynch began making sash windows in 1972 and has focussed on timber conservation for the last 12 years. He is skilled in both the repair and refurbishment of historic timber sash windows and the replication of historically accurate timber sash windows. Patrick Lynch and his team have worked on various domestic and commercial projects around Dublin and surrounding counties, some of which include: The Land Registry; Tyrone House; Powerscourt Townhouse Centre. He has also rebuilt a traditional shopfront on Aungier Street, where he has maintained authentic details and retained the original beauty of this building.